You asked, so we’re delivering – introducing Alaris’ ongoing running program…The Alaris Track Project!

LAUNCHING THIS OCTOBER, and founded by Kristiana Almeida – Head Coach at Alaris Fitness, and Road Runner’s Club of America Certified Running Coach – the Alaris Track Project is geared toward runners of ALL LEVELS, especially  beginners, intermediate runners, people who hate running, morning people, people who like running shoes, and especially people who like to have a good time.

The goal of the Track Project is to help every runner find their full potential. Most of us aren’t going to be winning races, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be the best version of our running selves!

Every Tuesday morning at 6am The Track Project will meet for a structured one hour workout. Each session will consist of a warm up, the workout for the day, coaching during the workout, and a guided cool down to get you on with the rest of your day.


Your Monthly Track Project Membership Dues Includes:

  • 1 weekly coached speed workout
  • A copy of the legendary “Hip/Core Strength Routine for Runners” by Coach K
  • Regular emails from Coach K with running tips, ideas, etc.
  • Access to our all of our expert coaches for all of your running questions (email us anything – there are no bad questions!)
  • Access to special shopping events at and fun Happy Hours
  • Discounts on all specialized running programs (Pier to Peak, Wine Country Half, She.Is.Beautiful)
  • A coach to watch your form, give you feedback, and help you every step toward any goal you may have!
  • Access to Coach K’s “Office Hours” (which will usually be over a beer or glass of wine) to come ask questions in person, hang out, etc.

How much for all of this? Only $50/month. Yup, that’s $50/month to get fitter and faster, get access to an awesome coach, and have fun with a great group of people. The cost is even less if you’re a member at our gym!

Why are we doing this?

It’s simple – When I started running in 2007 I wish I had people to run with and someone to send questions to…I was googling too many different race training plans, I had no idea where to start, and had so many questions about fuel, hydration, recovery that I didn’t have answers to. The other run clubs in town looked super intimidating since everyone “looked” super fast, and frankly, I just didn’t feel like there was a place in Santa Barbara for an average runner to go. So when I opened Alaris Fitness, I made sure to get my running coach certification to I could help anyone at that beginning level with any question. I’m still a beginner at heart, and I get what questions, fears, and issues beginner runners face.

I believe everyone should have access to a quality, qualified running coach. There are other running programs in town, but we’re going to aim to be the best by bringing you the best information, tools, techniques, and most of all…the MOST FUN you can possibly have while becoming a better runner. I’ve already helped dozens of runners in Santa Barbara slay PRs, train for their first race, and discover their love for running. I’d love to help you be the best runner you can be too!

I have said again and again…running is an individual sport, but it’s not something we have to do alone. Let me help you get in shape, get to the starting line injury free, and find or rekindle your love for running!

Ready to join us? Sign up HERE








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