There’s Something For Every Body

Alaris Fitness offers a variety of fitness programs to fit your interest and lifestyle, and we’re constantly expanding our class availability – please note that we cap our classes to ensure each client received proper coaching during class, please pre-register for classes to secure your spot. To get started, simply schedule your free fitness assessment.

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Group Classes (w/ Descriptions) 

We have a fantastic lineup of different, but complimentary, classes designed to expose our clients to a wholistic approach to fitness. We have a variety of membership options to meet your needs and goals.

Kettlebell Skill  + Strength

This class focuses on sharpening kettlebell skills and kettlebell strength training. Classes are designed to take students through a thorough warm up to prep the body for strength training. These classes combine kettlebell skill sessions (swing, Turkish get up, etc.), with an applied strength session that focuses on improving the skill. A great class for anyone looking to sharpen their kettlebell skills, or focus more on strength training.

Kettlebell Cardio

An express, 30 minute class, filled with swings, snatches, presses, and all things cardio. Your heart rate will stay elevated for the entire 30 minute class. Please note this class is not suited for beginners and does require previous kettlebell experience.

Fitness Fundamentals

This class focuses on the basic, core components of fitness. Each class begins with a thorough warm up,  followed by a workout that will focus on building strength and/or aerobic capacity. The class then moves into mobility/yoga to help open up the muscles and connective tissue while the body is still warm and pliable, and ends with a few minutes of mindfulness and breathing to help calm the body and ease the stress of the workout. It is geared toward beginners, those returning from injury, or those interested in a focused, slower-paced class.


A single, long workout designed to increase your overall cardio capacity. A very low, to no weight workout, that includes running, jumping rope, and lots of basic, bodyweight movement. This class is not technical, and does not require a lot of lifting ability, and is geared towards those looking for an advanced boot camp class as well as runners, cyclists, or anyone else looking to improve their endurance sport capacity.

Hip + Core

A short but mighty, 30 minute class that ONLY focuses on your core and hips. Why these two areas? Well, they tend to weaken over time with all the sitting that happens at the office, but this class is also especially beneficial to anyone who enjoys running (or any sport that involves running), roller skating, hiking, climbing, or just about any sport or activity.


Our Combo Class combines elements from our other classes into a fun, always changing hour workout. We’ll usually start with a short strengthening session, then move into 2-4 short, high intensity workouts designed to make you sweat and feel great!

Specialty Programs

(usually offered in 6-8 week segments)

Running Program
But, running sucks! Well, learn to love (or tolerate) running, or improve your race time with our famous Running Program. Programs are traditionally 8-10 weeks in length leading up to the Wine Country Half Marathon, Pier to Peak Half Marathon and the She.Is.Beautiful 5k/10k

Mobility – aka “Sexy Time With Jeff Baker”

There’s a long story behind the “Sexy Time” name – you’ll have to ask Jeff Baker about it sometime!

Many types of pain can be greatly improved, if not completely alleviated, through a better understanding of how the body works and how our everyday habits can limit our mobility and our progress towards living pain free.
Body Maintenance is designed to help you understand your body, its current movement restrictions, as well as its potential for improvement.  Each session will focus on a different region of the body and, over time, you will develop tools in the following areas:
– Mobility techniques for the Home and Office
– Testing and retesting your progress
– Foam roller and lacrosse ball techniques
– Dynamic stretching
– Self Diagnosis

Personal Training

Have a specific goal you’re trying to meet? Need a little more hands on, one-on-one work? Personal Training might be the solution for you. Personal Training consists of an in-depth consultation of your goals, background, and interests, then we find a time for you to come into the gym to work one-on-one with one of our coaches to meet those goals. We have some of the best Personal Training rates in Santa Barbara because we want to help you reach your goals without breaking the bank to do so.

Distance Coaching

We offer programming for clients who may work untraditional hours and may not be able to make it into the gym, but may want some hands on programming for their home gyms. We have done distance coaching for runners, roller derby professionals, and clients from the East Coast simply seeking a “what to do” when they go to the gym.


Have questions about any of our programs? Let us know!