“Let me tell you as someone who has run this multiple times, there is no way in hell I am doing it without the coaching and guidance of Kristiana from Alaris Fitness. She is the secret to successfully completing this race injury free and with a kick ass time.”      -Jen Berger


“Did someone say Capri Suns?” – Anonymous


Yes, our famous Pier2Peak Running program is about to start. What is this all about? Well, it gets you ready to run a half marathon straight up a hill (4,000 ft. of elevation gain). But don’t worry, if you don’t want to run a half marathon straight up a hill, we now have a “non-racing” training option available to you!

Here are the nitty gritty details:

When: July 3 – September 3

Training Days: Tuesdays/Thursdays at 6am + Saturdays at 6:30am

Cost: $239


What you get:

– 2-3 fully coached workouts/week (depending on what program you register for)
– Supported weekly long runs on the race course
– Fully supported RACE DAY (we carry all your stuff for you so you don’t have to use the course aid stations and we will drive you down the hill after the race!)
– Unlimited access to highly qualified running coaches
– Capri Suns (just ask any of our previous clients about this)
– NEW! 1 Hip + Core class/week at Alaris Fitness


Here are our top reasons why you should DEFINITELY sign up for Pier 2 Peak training:

1) The views are AMAZING – it may be one of the most beautiful courses on the West Coast

2) You will be SUPER READY to run almost any other race you want in the fall

3) On race day, we have an amazing support crew with water, snacks, cheers, and hilarious signs to keep you motivated. You LITERALLY have your own support cars with your food, your water, your ice that you do NOT have to share with anyone else!

4) This course is so hard that you’ll earn a badge of badassery when you cross the finish line

5) You’ll feel like you can accomplish ANYTHING when you finish – seriously, you will think you could wrestle a bear with your bare hands you’ll feel so invincible (don’t try that, please)

6) Our training crew for this event may be one of the nicest, most approachable groups of people ever…and did we mention we have Capri Suns (and sometimes margaritas) at the end of our weekend training runs?

7) At least THREE people from our group last year took on Pier to Peak at their FIRST HALF MARATHON EVER! If someone can take this on as their FIRST half marathon ever, surely YOU can have a reasonable enough race.

If you’re ready for us, we’re ready for you. REGISTER TODAY