Breaking up is hard…especially when you’ve been together for a long time. Perhaps you’re tired, uninterested, and uninspired…by your gym. Here are 5 tell-tale signs you should dump your gym and try something new immediately.

#1: They’re not exciting anymore

Yes, there is certainly something wonderful about predictability, but sometimes it’s nice to “spice things up” every once in a while – it’s almost as if they stopped trying to impress you. If your gym hasn’t had any exciting workouts, or fun surprises, perhaps it’s time to move on.


#2: You Keep Thinking about “someone else”

OK, in this case we’re talking about a gym, but if you keep wondering what it’s like to be in another gym, now’s the time to shake things up. You don’t have to jump right into another committed gym relationship, but if you’re thinking about other gyms more than your current gym, maybe it’s time to try something new?


#3: They’re not that into you

Ok, we get it. Gyms sometimes grow, get new trainers, etc. but what happens when people stop greeting you by name? Maybe you don’t feel that “feel good” vibe when you walk in anymore? Maybe the gym is now full of “not your people” and instead feels like some morbid, high school clique that you tried escaping in the 80’s?


#4: You’re no longer challenged

Perhaps you’ve done this same benchmark workout 10 times and are kinda over it – you can easily predict what the next 6 weeks are going to look like, and you’re no longer feeling like you’re getting a good workout in.


#5: Going feels like a chore

This is the #1 gym relationship killer – as soon as going to the gym feels like it’s a box to be checked, a chore to be done, it’s a HUGE Red Flag that you need something new…NOW.


And we get it, trying a new gym can be scary…we all fear not fitting in, that we’ll feel lost while trying new movements, and maybe that we’ll not get the results we want. And, we fear leaving these long term relationships, because although we can predict how boring and lame our current situation may be, there’s something nice about going into something predictable…even if you know it’s going to be bad and you kinda sorta regret paying for it month over month.


BUT…if you’re constantly feeling like your current gym isn’t doing it for you, you should absolutely try a few classes at other facilities – what do you have to lose?