The other week I moved the kettlebells and dumbbells from one end of the gym to the other.

Now this statement may not seem like it should shatter the earth, or even require your attention, BUT I moved the kettlebells because we’re starting to grow and I wanted to make sure the gym floor is more thoughtfully laid out to accommodate having more people in class.

One of our clients was shocked by the equipment moving…they had ALWAYS been in the same spot, in the same order, since we opened our doors in March, 2015. One thing I pride myself on is organization of my equipment in my gym. It’s ALWAYS IN ORDER (our jump ropes are even color coded by height).

This got me thinking about change…change can often be a scary thing – there’s a lot of unknown involved, and often times we fear change will negatively impact us. But change is also a good thing – when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it goes through a pretty dramatic, but positive change, and I like to think the changes we’ve been seeing around Alaris are just that – a new set of wings.

Change #1 – Jeff Baker

Remember that announcement? Crazy yes, but we made a change to our coaching staff by bringing on a new coach. He’s awesome, and those who have already taken a class with him love him. Having Jeff helping with classes and new programs is going to give me some time to keep bringing our clients awesome things.

Change #2 – Different Classes

We already snuck this one into the fold, but we have created more specific programming for endurance workouts, strength workouts, combo workouts, and we’ll be adding in yet another exciting class to the mix – a super slow, strength, mobility, and breathing class. Based on client feedback, we thought this would be a welcome change to have different – but complimentary – classes throughout the week so you have choices and can shape your schedule based on your training needs. We are a fitness facility focused on the entire picture, and offering just one kind of workout wasn’t in line with who we are. We’re also adding a Saturday morning class based on your feedback (be there this Saturday at 9am!).

Change #3 – New Clients

One of the things I love about putting names on the board is that clients get to see when new names pop up. There have been a few new names on the board, and you have been noticed and welcomed! So yes, people are starting to notice who we are and appreciate that we have a very specialized approach to fitness, and truly offer the best in hands-on, small group training. It’s pretty exciting.

I am so inspired by these changes, and am looking forward to what additional changes are on the horizon. And know that we are making these changes because of YOU – because of your feedback, because of your style, because of you communicating with us what you need. So if you’re a current client, or someone hoping to one day become an Alaris client, drop me a line and let me know what’s important to YOU.

I’m pretty darn easy to find…