This class is small, but mighty. At only 30 minutes long, you may think, “This isn’t enough of a workout to justify my time” but let me tell you, this may be one of the most important classes offered in Santa Barbara (yea, I know that’s a huge statement…let me back it up).

Most runners I come across have weak hips and cores, which causes pain in the knees, quads, IT bands, etc. It’s amazing how strengthening these areas will dramatically improve your form, reduce injury, and can actually help make you a faster runner. I assure you it’s better to be doing this work early, so you’re not going to a Physical Therapist later.

Whether its banded lateral walks, hip bridges, planks, bear crawls, etc. you will be swearing and sweating up a storm in no time, and will be thankful this class is only 30 minutes long.