WARNING: There’s some swearing in this blog post – feel free to not read if you’re offended by swearing.


I was having an interesting conversation with a friend today, when she posed the question, “Well, we know you’re different than other gyms, but how do you define that to others?”

And without thinking, hesitation, etc. I said “Tm different because I don’t fucking care how much you weigh, how much weight you’ve lost, or if you have a six-pack…I just fucking care that you’re stronger and more confident in yourself than when you first walked in my door!”

Also, I own a gym that has a strong kettlebell and work ethos, and most people have a hard time wrapping their head around a female owned gym that isn’t solely focused on bootcamp, booty burn, or ass and abs classes (crap, I just dropped ANOTHER swear word! Does “crap” count as a swear word too?).


So there’s the magic and method to our madness – simply not giving a fuck about your weight so we can focus on more important things. I know some of our clients have lost weight only because they told me they have…but I see better swings, better form, and more abled bodies. Those are our success stories.

Any who – that was a fun little rant. I’m not sure if you look for a gym simply because they promise some weight loss results, or have some great before/after photos, but I’d also encourage you to consider a gym like ours, one that focuses on YOU and your ability…you might find it refreshing…but you will have to be OK with swearing, because we allow our clients to swear during workouts.

High Fives!