Fueled AF: Personalized Nutrition 

Traditionally, nutrition programs offered by gyms include a handout of what to eat and what not to eat, some before/after photos, and scale measurements. They’re focused on efficiency, and not what’s best for the client. The future of nutrition is PERSONALIZED nutrition, because the best nutrition program out there is the one that you like and that helps you accomplish your goals.

Everything about the Fueled AF program is customized to YOU. Your nutrition plan is going to be set for you after an initial meeting with a Clinical Nutritionist, not some plan that a coach found online. Your goals will differ from every other client’s goals, and your success will not be measured in pounds lost, but in the improvement in how you feel every day or successes gained (although pounds of fat lost and muscle gained is just a super side bonus!)

These 6 weeks of Fueled AF will allow you to discover how your body functions best, and how to nurture that.

The details:

Dates: January 15 – February 23 (informational meeting January 10th)


– $99 for current members

– $299 non-members (includes 3 classes/week membership at Alaris Fitness)

What’s Included:

– Private Fitness Assessment

– Customized nutrition plan based your your specific goals

– Weekly food journal review + check in with a Clinical Nutritionist

– Weekly email tips/tricks for living your healthiest life

– A food tracking journal

– Email support from your Nutritionist and in gym coach

– 3 Group information seminars

Sign up NOW as we’re only accepting 20 people to participate in this program in order to keep it focused on YOU. We will send you our special guide “10 Ways to Survive the Holidays” as our way of saying “thanks”


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