We are super excited to announce the arrival of a new coach to the Alaris Fitness Family – Jeff Baker!
Jeff is the owner of BakerBuilt Coaching, and while he’s been involved in the fitness industry for a decade in various capacities, he’s well respected for his work in mobility and rehabilitative strength training. And because we believe in providing our clients with the best, his experience in these areas makes him a great for for Alaris Fitness.
Jeff was actually one of my first coaches, and I’ve always appreciated the “quiet fire” coaching style that he’s so well known for. What I mean is even though he is cool, calm, and collected, he’s still able to push and inspire his clients in ways they never imagined. It’s fascinating.
Jeff experience an immense amount of enjoyment in helping people achieve a better quality of life through health, wellness, and the community, and that’s why we’re so excited to have him join our team.
We’ll be hosting an open house on Saturday, July 8th from 9-11 am with a few workouts thrown in so we can welcome Jeff to the Alaris community – we hope you’ll join us!