Don’t worry, this was all catch and release!

While we’re starting to wrap up summer – I’ve noticed a lot of people posting their vacation photos…looks like a lot of you have had a blast! But I’ve also noticed that there seems to be a trend of needing to go to the gym while on vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, I think maintaining my fitness is important (especially if I’m training towards something later in the fall), but I’d also encourage you to consider NOT focusing your vacation time around gym time.

Why? Because vacations are precious. Americans are over worked, stressed, and burned out, so vacations should really be about resting, recharging, and reconnecting so you can tackle life with kids, work, family, etc. when you get back. You can always plan your vacation around activities that bring you joy; like hiking, swimming, or even walking around a new city. But don’t worry about making absolutely sure you’re in a gym 5x/week while you’re gone, there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on some great memories.

Make vacation about vacation – I always schedule 1-2 days of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when I go on vacation, and pair it with activities that bring me immense joy. This summer, I spent a whole day outside reading – I didn’t interact with anyone, I didn’t go anywhere, I barely logged 1,000 steps for the day….and it was GLORIOUS! And the rest of my vacation was centered around activities I loved: Fishing, mountain biking, and hiking with my husband and friends – it was basically Summer Camp. And while yes, it was technically filled with exercise, I didn’t go on a single run or pick up a single weight in a gym my entire trip…but the memories I picked up were HUGE!

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer, but remember that this is also an important time for you to do things you love when you’re not in your daily grind…that will all be there when you get back 🙂

Smiles and High Fives!